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What is an Advergame ?

A content marketing technique in which a video game is used to advertise a product, service, or business.

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  • Addicting mini-games.
  • Loyalty and customer gain.
  • No download is required.
  • Promotional opportunities.
  • Personalization and creativity are guaranteed.
  • Consistency with your marketing strategy.


The Japanese branch of American fast-food chain KFC utilized advergaming in 2020.

For the release of a new line of products, KFC has set itself two goals: promote products and encourage consumers to come and try them by offering them coupons which could be won through the advergame.

The aim of the game? Defend the KFC palace at all costs because the prawns want to take over a world dominated by chickens.

In addition, advergames allow the company to collect information on consumers, which can be used to contact consumers about new offers. This can be done by having consumers add their emails before being allowed to play the games.

This campaign Was extremely successful, KFC had to stop the marketing campaign so that they could restock and meet consumer demands.

Compared to the previous year, sales over the same period increased by 106%! This, therefore, proves that marketing games can bring real benefits to brands.

On the occasion of the FIFA World Cup, M & M’s launched its first advergaming campaign with the game The Match.

The Match used a worldwide online juggling competition as a form of advergaming. It allowed consumers to compete against each other in real-time for various awards offered by M&M.

Give info about the success of the campaign rather than describing the game more. Such as returns, profit, media exposure, etc.


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